Update for Monday, September 28, 2015

Taliban forces enter Kunduz, seize parts of the city. While the Kunduz police say they will drive the invaders out, the latest report is tht they have hoisted their banner over the city's main square. According to the AP, the Taliban now control half the city, including government buildings.

Suicide car bombing at a cricket match in Paktika kills 9, injures 50. The attack apparently targeted government officials who were watching the game.

Militants claiming association with the Islamic State attack multiple police posts in Nangarhar, temporarily seizing control of two of them, although Afghan forces say they have recaptured them. This is really a breakaway faction of the Taliban, apparently headed by one of Mullah Omar's former associates.  They have clashed with main Taliban forces as well as the government.

The Wolesi Jirga summons key officials to testify on the deteriorating security situation.

UPDATE: It is now reported that Kunduz is in the control of the Taliban. 

"Kunduz city has collapsed into the hands of the Taliban," Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi told the Associated Press. Residents are fleeing the city. Doctors Without Borders say they have treated more than 100 injured people, with 36 in critical condition. Afghan security forces are vowing to retake the city. 

France24 quotes a local journalist saying that government forces fled, allowing the Taliban to seize government buildings and free hundreds of prisoners. They have also taken control of the highway routes to town and the road linking Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Afghan Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Murad Ali Murad claims the security forces fled in order to avoid civilian casualties. [Why there would be fewer civilian casualties in the promised assault to retake the city he does not explain.]

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