Prosecutors Raise Safety Concerns After Pair of Suicide Bombings

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Monday, 11 May 2015 18:54 Last Updated on Monday, 11 May 2015 20:47 Written by Shakila Ibrahimkhail

Back-to-back attacks aimed at public prosecutors has prompted calls among members of the legal community for the Attorney General's office to be closed until action is taken to ensure the safety of its employees.

In less than two weeks, two suicide bombings have targeted convoys of prosecutors. In the most recent attack, three prosecutors, including two women, were killed and close to 20 others were wounded.

Naeema and Storai, who worked in the Attorney General's office dedicated to preventing violence against women, were the female prosecutors killed in the attack. Their families have criticized the government for failing to keep them safe.

"It is due to a lack of management and weakness in the system that we are facing these conditions every day," said Noor-ul-Haq, a brother of Naseema. "I am sure this is not the first tragedy and it certainly won't be the last," he added.

Between both recent attacks, four individuals have lost their lives and close to 40 have been injured. The violence has prompted some in the legal community to argue for the Attorney General's office to be closed so long as physical safety cannot be guaranteed.

"The investigative institutions and Ministry of Interior must maintain security for the prosecutors; prosecutors don't have anything but their pen - they are weak," a prosecutor named Shah Qasem told TOLOnews. "If they cannot maintain security for the prosecutors, then the doors of the Attorney General's office must be closed."

However, the targeted attacks on prosecutors have been a solemn reminder of just how much political violence in Afghanistan impacts the lives of everyday civilians.

A shoemaker named Ahmad Ali was on the street when the suicide bombing took place. He is no so severely wounded that he is unable to earn what he needs to feed his family. "I was making shoes on the side of street when I heard an explosion, my face was burned and I don't remember what happened next," he told TOLOnews.

The driver of the bus that was targeted by the bombing was also severely injured in the attack and is now unable to speak.

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