Pakistan is winning the war against terrorism

We take exception to the assertion that in Pakistan the double game is far more deeply rooted (, 29 March). It is beyond comprehension that a country that has suffered losses of more than 50,000 human lives in its fight against terrorism is being blamed for double game. Had there been any double game, why would there have been so many losses? Pakistan, depending on its own resources, is successfully eliminating the menace of terrorism under its national action plan – a fact the world is also acknowledging. The allegation of double game is uncalled for and casts aspersions on the sincere and successful efforts of Pakistan in its fight against terrorism.

Secondly, to say that it may never be possible for Pakistan to deny extremists all the base areas they use in the north-west is just a presumption. The fact is that the security forces of have successfully destroyed all the sanctuaries and infrastructure of the terrorists in the north-west and the operation Zarb-e-Azb has entered the final phase.

Pakistan needs and deserves the international community’s support and understanding in its fight against terrorism, which is aimed at making not only Pakistan but the entire world a safer place.

Yes, Pakistan can and is winning its war against the . In a war there can be occasional painful setbacks. Caring people understand it but your writer has hijacked our grief to mock and ridicule. He has picked up stories from the minuscule minority of Pakistan and applied it to 190 million brave Pakistanis. The improvement in life and security in Pakistan during the past year has been tremendous and people are very optimistic about their future. For your writer’s information, I feel much safer as a Pakistani in Pakistan than as a Pakistani in London, and I am not the only Pakistani who feels that way.

Source : theguardian[dot]com
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