Kabul Students Pay The Price For Teachers Strike

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Sunday, 07 June 2015 20:04 Last Updated on Sunday, 07 June 2015 20:10 Written by Sharif Amiri

Thousands of students from Kabul schools lost yet another day of lessons on Sunday as teachers in the capital entered the seventh day of their strike.

Dozens of teachers from around Kabul have gathered for the past week at Habibi High School, where the strike initially started – in protest over what they call President Ashraf Ghani's failure to fulfill his promises to teachers.

Last year in a ceremony marking teacher's day in Kabul, Ghani promised to increase the salaries of teachers and to allot each of them a piece of land within six months – a process which has not happened.

"The government should pay attention to the demands of our teachers because we pay the price," a schoolgirl Beheshta said. "In the next few days, our midterm exams will start and now we don't know what to do."

Dozens of students are also reportedly joining their teachers in the streets.

"The president is responsible for the students that are not studying. He needs to solve the problem," a teacher Farkhunda said.

The protesting teachers continue to warn that as long as their demands are not met, they will continue their strike.

"The president needs to fulfill his promises he made to us because we are in deep trouble in terms of shelter and salaries," a female teacher Massouda Ahmadi complained.

Yesterday, MPs and analysts also criticized the government for what they called the derailing of the education process in a country where most of the population is either uneducated or less educated.

"The president is responsible for this situation because he had promised the teachers a land plot," a teacher Yar Mohammad Jabbarkhail said.

Also, Senator Anarkali Honaryar called on the government to assess the demands of the teachers and put an end to their strike which she believes is a big blow to the country's education.

Based on statistics, currently Afghanistan has more than 200,000 teachers across the country, with the average salary being 7,000 to 13,000 Afghanis a month.

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