Insecurity in Provinces Prevents Prosecutors From Going to Work

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Sunday, 12 April 2015 20:23 Last Updated on Sunday, 12 April 2015 20:27 Written by Saleha Sadat

A group of prosecutors gathered outside the Commission for Addressing House Complaints building in Kabul on Sunday in protest over their growing concerns for their safety in the provinces.

According to them, President Ashraf Ghani's legal adviser recently ordered them to visit provinces and resolve issues in those areas. However the prosecutors have refused to go citing insecurity as the reason.

"We don't have any problem visiting provinces, but government must ensure our security. How can we ensure our safety on only 12,000 AFN salary a month," said one prosecutor Ahmad Jan Aziz.

Meanwhile, Zekria Barekzai, the chairman of the parliamentary complaints commission, said that advisers do not have executive powers and must not issue orders.

"Advisers can only advise - how can an adviser have executive powers. This legal adviser of the president is acting against the law," says Barekzai.

When called for comment, Abdul Ali Muhammadi, the president's adviser in legal affairs, was unavailable but Muhammadi's secretary denied claims that the advisor had ordered prosecutors to visit the provinces.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Interior spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi has said that government is ready to provide security.

"There is security in provinces and we will try to maintain security in all provinces, especially security of attorney general's offices and courts," said Seddiqqi.

Prosecutors claim that those who have connections with officials or have power are appointed in Kabul very quickly while those who don't are appointed in provinces.

"Those with power are appointed in 24 hours in Kabul with a very good salary," said prosecutor Rahmatullah.

Judicial institutions have always been criticized for not being active but a number of legal analysts have said that their inactivity has resulted in problems for people in most instances, forcing them to appeal to illegitimate Taliban courts for help.

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