Dark Wednesday for Afghan Media


It is so painful when a family suddenly loses a loved one without notice. It is so painful when a family is waiting for one of its beloved members to come home from work, and suddenly is faced instead with a body.

The private TOLO TV network was victimized last week by a bomber, and in only minutes innocent people were drowned in blood, with eight dead and twenty injured. The Taliban, so-called defenders of Islam, claimed responsibility for the attack. They had declared retaliation against the TV network for its reporting about the Taliban’s attacks and brief capture of Kunduz in October 2015.

The victims, whether they are ordinary people or a soldier or a police officer, will be buried with honor and respect and everyone will declare sympathy. What happens to the brutal, bestial, and barbaric Taliban bodies?

These insurgents should be known as ignorant terrorists who are hated, whose corpses can be eaten by buzzards. The Taliban proved in Kunduz that they still want to take power and reestablish their dark era in Afghanistan. They are a mob of criminals and cowards who do not believe in any values or care about humanity. They don’t care if they murder a child’s father or mother, a woman’s husband or a parent’s child.

Although the attack against TOLO TV was disgusting and makes everyone furious, and our top officials condemned it and visited the wounded in the emergency hospital to help alleviate the pains of the victims’ families, if they are really committed to the truth they will execute the Taliban taken as prisoners, not hold them in a prison with all the facilities of home.

When Taliban attacked the military school last year in Pakistan, the Pakistani government announced that they would hang hundreds of terrorists. This was an admirable, strong step against the brutal Taliban’s action. I don’t understand why the Afghan government only condemns the terrorist insults with words.

There were other things about the attack that I wonder about, such as why TOLO TV would take the risk of carrying many of its staff in one vehicle, knowing the Taliban had threatened to attack. And why did the other private television channels not immediately show unity with TOLO TV? 

They could have shown solidarity by condemning the attacks and boycotting Taliban’s news instead of resuming regular entertainment programs and dramas, making them appear impartial. They could show respect for the souls of the victims, the wounds of the injured, and the families who encountered a huge tragedy that has hurt so many hearts. If they wanted to demonstrate Islamic values, they could have broadcast the Quran recitation to demonstrate their solidarity with TOLO TV over this barbaric act.

Our President Ghani, who attended the funerals, has promised to retaliate against the Taliban. But with the Taliban now divided into so many groups, whom does he retaliate against? And although there are many security checkpoints along the roads around Kabul, the suicide bombers still seem to pass through easily and attack when they want to. The security officials have not done enough. Our chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and our National Defense minister visited the injured in the hospital to share condolences. It is partly they who have failed to maintain the security in Kabul.

By Sitara    

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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