Afghan Air Strike Pushes Back Taliban from Raghistan Bazar

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Friday, 11 September 2015 11:46 Last Updated on Friday, 11 September 2015 12:44 Written by Faridullah Hussainkhail

Air strikes by the Afghan airforce on Friday succeeded in pushing back the Taliban from Raghistan Bazar in Raghistan district, Badakhshan, officials said Friday.

Provincial police spokesman Chief Lal Mohammad Ahmadzia told TOLOnews that the Taliban attacked the district late Thursday night and came close to the Raghistan district Bazar but as a result of air strikes pushed back the insurgents.

Ahmadzai said that during the airstrike at least 30 Taliban were killed and that the bodies of 10 insurgents remain on the battle field.

Three policemen were also killed and three others wounded in the clash, Ahmadzai added.

Earlier Friday Rustam Khan District governor and a provincial council member said Raghistan district had collapsed to the Taliban.

Taliban insurgents yet to comment about the attack.

Source : tolonews[dot]com
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