Zelda Williams Opens Up About Her Father Robin Williams And Says He's 'Impossible To Forget'

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She's really handle it as well as anyone could.

The passage of Robin Williams left millions of people with a broken heart, but no one suffered as much as the children of the actor.

But Zelda Williams came in a rare appearance on Friday with his mother Marsha Garces to Noble Awards in Beverly Hills.

And although, of course, wants to keep the memory of her father alive - she admits is basically unlikely to ever forget the bigger man than life.

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Here's what he said:

"For me it's easy to remember someone who is impossible to forget."

Zelda also talked about back in the spotlight and like something I felt I had to do was. She explained:

"It is not difficult, it's just a strange feeling. Nothing happens, that will be fine, but it's a transition. It is recognizing that you have to stop feeling that there is a world out there, because for a short period of time doesn "t."

You may remember Zelda has a beautiful tattoo of a hummingbird in memory of his father, and she explained that the tattoo to her, saying:

"If you saw it fly, and if you know a bit about them, are impossible to keep in one place. Whenever people see them not as they say, 'Oh, my God, a hawk for a hummingbird -flor, and that was the reaction that my father has, kids, fans, old people, and that's what always hummingbirds meant to me. "

Robin Williams and Marsha Garces really did a wonderful job with their children and Zelda is a shining example of his father.

She is only 25 and yet she is so wise at this point in your life. Robin Williams would be very proud of it.