Widows Should Be Allowed to Remarry


Under Islam, if a woman’s husband dies, our religion says that she can marry again. But unfortunately many people don’t care much about the feelings of a widow. Sometimes they say a widowed woman is bad luck and if she marries again her new husband will also die. Or they say, “She already has children.”

But a woman’s life is not only for taking care of children; a woman has the right to enjoy her life and she should have the right to decide what is good or bad for her future.  Widows are the same as other women, with the only difference being that their husbands died and other women’s husbands are alive. Widows never wanted their husbands to die.

Women are like a light that shines everywhere. They are strong: they give birth to children. We say in Dari that taking care of a child is like taking care of a country—women are the most important part of life.

There is a widowed woman named Fawzia who never was educated. She married very young.  By the time her husband died, she was twenty-three and she already had four daughters. The youngest was just three months old.

She wanted to remarry, but then people started saying she killed her husband so she could remarry. So she never remarried and she has been working now for almost seventeen years to support her children.

Fawzia is a strong and powerful woman because the power of a family is the power of its women and the power of a woman is her family. Fawzia knows that one day her daughters will all marry and will be busy with their own lives and will no longer care about their mother. Except in this case I will always care about Fawzia because she is my mother and she is very, very important to me and I love her so much for working so hard for me and my sisters.

But for other widows who have not had children, the only way to achieve the power of a family is to marry again. If a man’s wife dies, he will marry another woman who will take care of his children and his house and remake a good family. Women are the ones who take care of a family and make the family strong and powerful.

Widows should not believe everything people say to them. Women are powerful. They are needed and they are the supporters of family and country.

By Madia, age 16

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