Two dead in RAF helicopter crash in Afghanistan

An RAF Puma helicopter
An RAF Puma helicopter, similar to the UK Puma Mk 2 helicopter which crashed in Afghanistan, killing two service personnel from the RAF  Photo: PA

Two RAF personnel have died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

The two unnamed RAF personnel were killed when a British Puma helicopter crashed at Nato headquarters in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The Ministry of Defence in London said the cause was under investigation, but it was not the result of a Taliban attack.

The deaths of personnel from the RAF’s 230 and 33 Squadrons are the first to strike British troops in Afghanistan since their combat mission in Helmand ended last year.

Around 500 British troops remain in Kabul, helping train Afghan officer cadets, providing a security force for the capital and joining US special forces operations.

A spokeswoman for the MoD said: “It is with regret that the MoD must announce the death of two personnel from 230 and 33 Squadrons, Royal Air Force, in Kabul following an accident involving a UK Puma Mk 2 helicopter.

“The helicopter crashed while landing at the headquarters of Resolute Support, the Nato train, advise and assist mission in Afghanistan.

“The incident is currently under investigation but we can confirm that it was an accident and not the result of insurgent activity.”

The families of the airmen have been informed and their names are expected to be released on Monday.

Sunday’s deaths bring the death toll from Britain’s Afghanistan campaign, which began in 2001, to 456.

A helicopter crash last year killed five British troops in the south of the country when their special forces Lynx helicopter ploughed into the ground during a practice sortie outside Kandahar Airfield.

British troops came under attack on Sunday, when a suicide car bomber blew himself up next to a convoy of armoured vehicles as it patrolled through the city.

No troops were injured in the attack, the MoD said, though pictures showed the front of the vehicle was badly mangled in the blast. Three civilians were injured in the explosion.

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