Tribal Gathering in Kabul Calls for United Front Against Pakistan's Aggressions

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Friday, 14 August 2015 21:15 Last Updated on Friday, 14 August 2015 21:25 Written by Mir Abid Joenda


Speakers at a gathering of tribal councils in Kabul on Friday issued a call to action, urging all Afghans to stand united against Pakistan's destabilizing tactics and continued support of the Taliban insurgency inside Afghanistan.

The event comes after weeks of heightened violence, particularly on the streets of Kabul, as Taliban leaders based in Pakistan have been able to push a wave of suicide bombings. In just one week, over 50 Afghan civilians have been killed and hundreds more wounded in the capital.

"In light of the situation, the people must be united against the policies of Pakistan, a country which is harboring terrorist groups," MP Gul Pacha Majidi said on Friday. "People must be ready to defend their country," he added.

"Although Pakistan claims that the Taliban do not exist in Pakistan and will never do so, what it really means is that such statements are always untrue," tribal elder Bismillah said.

In addition to political figures and tribal elders, the gathering on Friday was attended by civil society activists and clerics. Some issued calls for help to the international community and the Pakistani public itself.

"We want to call upon the United Nations, Islamic countries and the European Union not to allow Pakistan to continue supporting the terrorist groups," civil society activist Aminullah Zazai said.

"We want to request citizens in neighboring countries not to allow their governments to harbor terrorism in the region - this would be in the interest of the whole region," political analyst Mohammad Yousaf Amin said.

Earlier this week, the Kabul Ulema Council joined the Afghan government in condemning the Pakistani government's policies toward insurgent and terrorist groups.

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