The Taliban’s Attack on Kunduz


Editor’s note: In a predawn attack on Monday, September 28th, the Taliban gained control of Kunduz, the large commercial city in northeast Afghanistan bordering Tajikistan. Tolo News reported that power to the city was cut amid the killings as residents ran to hide. The Afghan government said today its Afghan military regained control but news reports said Taliban leaders denied this, claiming its flags were still flying over the city.

During Afghanistan’s long years of war we lost many things and were almost destroyed.  The Taliban targeted the key provinces of Afghanistan including Bamiyan, Kunduz, Herat, Balkh, and Kabul. But then, the Taliban fell and the people of Kunduz were able to live in freedom under an Islamic government. 

Now the Taliban has attacked Kunduz and once again seized control. They are killing soldiers as well as civilians, women and children. The Taliban is looting businesses the same as they did twenty years ago.

They also have attacked Baghlan province and are close to getting control there as well.  The military is trying to save Baghlan province, but it is in vain.  Our military is not supported by our own government, which shows our weakness. The Taliban will attack Zabul soon.

All this began with a weak government and a president who is not in control. We are all shocked to hear about the fall of Kunduz. It is the most horrible news since the mob killing of Farkhunda outside the Kabul mosque in March.

We can only pray to take back Kunduz province and all other provinces where the Taliban are now trying to take control.

I hope one day we can be like other countries and live in peace and know that we are secure. We don’t want to have a powerful and rich life, we just wish for a peaceful life without tensions and these terrible killings.

By Freshta B.

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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