The Goat and the Butcher


The idea of being an Afghan citizen used to give me a feeling of power and hope. Now, the worsening current situation takes all my breath of life. I cannot breathe anymore. 

From the beginning of 2014, the situation in Afghanistan steadily became worse, and recently it became even worse.

When I listen to the radio, watch the news, look at my Facebook account, or talk with friends, all I hear and see is about the bombing, blasting, explosions, beheadings, kidnappings, killings, and people getting hurt. There is nothing else.

These events are happening all over the country.

In April a suicide bomber in Jalalabad killed 33 people and injured 100. In the north eight Afghan army soldiers were beheaded by Taliban and armed opposition groups in Badakhshan. Many others were also killed. Our highways have become unsecure and dangerous events happen daily in each corner of Afghanistan. In the south, on Zabol highway, ISIS kidnapped 30 Afghan Hazara Shiites returning from Iran to Afghanistan in a convoy.  A few weeks ago, their kidnappers released a video showing the beheading of one of the men.

These tragic events take their victims from the poor and innocent. The people whose lives are being marked by this war are asking the government to stop their pain and find a solution to eradicate this dangerous way of life. Unfortunately there are no ears to listen and no eyes to see.

The situation in Afghanistan is like we say in Persian:  Boz da gham Jan wa Qasab da feker pee. It means: The goat thinks about its life, and the butcher thinks about how much oil he will receive from this goat. 

All people think about now is staying alive. We know that our leaders are not sympathetic to the people’s pains.  Our leaders—the president, the executive chief, and their team—don’t think about how much worse the situation is getting in Afghanistan; they just think about the division of power among themselves.

We need to have empathetic leaders who care about the progress of our people, not just about themselves. Instead of more violence, we expect to see development and good news coming in Afghanistan.

By Sharifa

Photo by Helmandblog

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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