Tears in Kabul


Hearing the news about Farkhunda has given me a mind-shocking blow, a hatred for men, unstoppable tears. I feel isolated and I feel pain. And then, I think of the unimaginable pains that Farkhunda bore that day, last Thursday, at the hands of the senseless, heartless people who mobbed her, beat her so brutally, ran a car over her broken body, then burned her and threw her corpse into the dry Kabul river canal.

An attack on this 27-year-old woman is an attack on all the women of Afghanistan. These brutal people have created a sense of hatred against them. Will they be punished in the same manner as they did to Farkhunda? An innocent girl, a graduate of Sharia schooling, a strict follower of Islam in a noble and religious family. Her burnt body was handed over to the family after a postmortem by forensic medical examiners to be buried by women and women only.

She will remain a heroine, a symbol of integrity and honesty to the worship of her creator. Her love of Allah will bring her cruel and senseless criminals to justice. History will record this event as a dark day against the respectable women of Afghanistan.

By Saifora


Source : awwproject[dot]org
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