Taliban Plunders Home of Rukhshana's Grieving Family

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Monday, 16 November 2015 19:41 Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 November 2015 10:14 Written by Jawed Zeyartjahi

Despite widespread media coverage and a public outcry over the stoning to death of 19-year-old Rukhshana by the Taliban, insurgents along with local criminals allegedly stormed the family's house and stole all their possessions.

Already devastated by the brutal murder of their daughter, Rukhshana's parents on Monday blasted government for being inept at protecting them and their house and for not bringing the perpetrators of their daughter's murder to justice.

As their ordeal continues, it appears the Taliban and their counterparts are still trying to impose more suffering on the family, said the deceased's father Abdul Karim.

The Taliban, in association with local lawbreakers, attacked the house in Abdak village of Ghor province, looting the family's property, Karim was quoted on Monday as saying.

Three weeks ago the Taliban stoned Rukhshana to death and so far no action has been taken by government, family members said.

"If she was the daughter of the president, a minister, a lawmaker or a powerful or wealthy person, the perpetrators would have been arrested immediately and justice would had been served. But three weeks have passed since the incident happened and no one has done anything. If I wait one hundred more weeks, nothing will change," Karim said.

"I raised her strictly until she became mature, but they [Taliban] stoned her in a brutal manner, she was part of my body," Rukhshana's mother said.

However, a team of investigators has been sent to Ghor to investigate the case. They have been ordered to report back to President Ashraf Ghani.

Meanwhile, Enayatollah Baligh, who is heading up the team expressed outrage at the relevant institutions in Ghor, which failed to prevent the murder.

"There is no doubt that a number of institutions showed negligence in rescuing Rukhshana. We will continue our investigation and will submit the report to the president. Of course anyone who has been negligent will be held accountable," he said.

Joining Rukhshana's parents, a number of civil society activists also stressed the need for justice to be served regarding the stoning to death of the young girl.

"Ghor women demand the perpetrators who stoned Rukhshana are arrested and brought to trial," civil right activist Munizha Behzad said.

Amid mounting criticism, local security officials reported Monday that 34 individuals allegedly involved in the murder have been identified. However, officials maintained that criminals were deployed in insurgent controlled areas.

Rukhshana's family has since sought refuge at the house of a relative in Feroz Koh city to escape the alleged Taliban attacks.

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