Senior Officials Behind Insecurity: MPs

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Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September 2015 16:46 Written by Mirabed Joyenda

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Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) members on Saturday pointed fingers at some government ministers, governors and local security officials who they accuse of being party to the insecurity in the provinces, claiming these officials support not only the Taliban but Daesh as well.

The MPs said that Taliban and Daesh insurgents are being transferred between provinces with the help of officials.

The MPs – particularly those from the provinces, who returned last week after their summer break - said that security is the biggest challenge for the Afghan public.

"There are documents showing ministers, governors, police and military officials are involved in insecurity in the country. The people have these documents and the government must take action over this," MP from northern Balkh, Abdul Rahman Rahmani said.

Many MPs, from the provinces, said they had reviewed the problems faced by the people and that in addition to matters of security, corruption, unemployment and a perceived weak government are of also of major concern to the public.

Zakia Sangin, an MP from northern Parwan province said: "Parwan was one of the secure provinces and these days it has become insecure and the insurgents' activities are also increasing and is a serious threat which government needs to address."

A number of MPs have warned government that "if they [government] do not pay attention to the problem, the insecurity will increase in the country."

"All the MPs should come together and make a plan for the security issues to help the government in this regard," MP from eastern Kunar, Wazhma Safi said.

This comes after insurgents have consistently increased their activities in the country and frequently attack military outposts and government officials.

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