Raziq: NUG Must Not Sell Out People For The Sake Of Peace

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Sunday, 03 May 2015 19:47 Last Updated on Sunday, 03 May 2015 20:38 Written by Abdullah Hamim

While speaking at the introduction ceremony of Humayoon Azizi, newly appointed governor of Kandahar, General Abdul Raziq, Kandahar police commander, said that the demands of anti-government armed groups on government in return for peace amounts to a call for the murder of Atta Muhammad Noor, Raziq and other well known public figures.

Raziq said that government is proceeding with peace talks at the expensive of people's lives – and that of soldiers – something that should not happen.

General Abdul Raziq, famous for being blunt, also warned government that Afghanistan must not be sold to the regional intelligence agencies, in the name of peace. Raziq adds that if his crime is about fighting for his country, he will commit this crime again and again. The regional and global intelligence groups inside the government want to play with the lives of people under the name of peace, adds Raziq.

"We have problems, but my request for the National Unity Government and especially you (speaking to CEO Abdullah Abdullah), is that you were my leader during the times of Jihad. I don't want Afghanistan to be sacrificed for peace talks. We have gained our achievements at the cost of many sacrifices; we just lost a young soldier two minutes ago in Nawbahar, Kandahar," says Raziq.

The senior police official criticizes government's secret talks with the Taliban and denounces the call for the killing of Atta Muhammad Noor, himself and other prominent figures.

"In this system, there are people related to foreign embassies who are selling us out. I have proof that murderers of Afghans want Raziq dead, Atta dead and other people to be killed. If we have committed a crime then come and hang us right here. If not, we don't want to be sold to Qatar one day, one day to Emirates, we don't want peace at our expense," adds Raziq.

Kandahar police commander asked CEO Abdullah Abdullah to not jeopardize lives for the sake of peace talks – as soldiers and citizens have safeguarded this country day and night.

"We are standing behind you, and if we committed a crime then punish us. If not, don't let us be killed by Punjabis and terrorists, I have been with you since childhood, and have defended this country," says Raziq.

Meanwhile, Abdullah said that deals will never be made for obtaining peace.

"Bringing peace will never mean playing with the national interests of Afghanistan. May God save us from these intentions, and this will never happen. National Unity Government has shown its intentions, and there is no doubt in what we want. We might have been optimistic a bit in the beginning, but some of the past experiences might have been repeated, but our goal is in the national interests of Afghanistan" says Abdullah.

Meanwhile, the newly appointed governor of Kandahar has said that he is committed to fighting corruption.

"Our demand for all the people of Kandahar is to respect our principle and that is our goal of fighting against corruption, fight poverty and unemployment and other programs," says Humayoon Azizi, governor of Kandahar.

General Raziq is among the military commanders who has ordered his subordinates to destroy Taliban and has said that no Taliban member must be brought back alive from the battle field.

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