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Kabul residents and Afghan economists on Friday praised the national security forces for having provided a secure environment for government to host the 6th Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA-VI) that was held over two days in the capital.

High-ranking government officials from 30 countries and representatives from at least 40 international organizations converged on the city for the landmark summit.

Despite the closure of numerous roads in Kabul, all efforts by government were carried out in a safe environment for both local residents and visitors.

However, analysts and residents alike said that if security could be stepped up to such a degree for Thursday and Friday's summit, then surely security measures of this sort could and should be the norm.

"We would be happy if the security is maintained in our city as it is today so that people do not live in fear and chaos," a resident in Kabul told TOLOnews on Friday.

This was in line with the common thread that emerged from the RECCA summit, that a stable Afghanistan would not only benefit the entire region but it would also bolster investment, development and tourism, which would pave the way for a strong and resilient economy.

"This {RECCA} summit conveys a positive message and nourishes hope that SOM will also be conducted in good manner so that we can convey a positive message," an Afghan businesswoman Najla Habib said.

One lawmaker in turn said that no one can deny the ability of the Afghan security forces, who have proven their ability to provide a safe environment during such occasions. However, he said that this should become the norm and that security of this nature should be carried through to other cities as well.

"The security organs should abide by their responsibilities and realize that the people of Afghanistan are proud of them, therefore they {security forces} must work hard to maintain this," MP Sayed Ekram said.

The RECCA summit itself has however given a number of Kabul residents renewed hope as many said they viewed the meeting in a positive light and believe that this conference will go a long way in building trust within the region.

The public sees regional cooperation as imperative for sustainable development in Afghanistan and in order to help fight insurgency.

"Our government must use the opportunity and with the assistance from the world economy we will ensure that Afghanistan is noteworthy," said one Kabul resident Rozatullah Badakhshan.

A Kandahar resident, Mohammad, said: "We Afghans have lots of economic problems and the international community must help us and the regional countries must take part in the reconstruction of Afghanistan."

"This is a good opportunity and our government must take advantage of the opportunity," said Sarajuddin a Balkh resident.

But people said that in working towards securing the cities, provincial residents and villagers must not be forgotten about. They said that their financial difficulties also need to be addressed, as did their security challenges. In line with this, one Baghlan resident called on government to make a concerted effort to fight poverty and unemployment.

"The RECCA meeting is a meeting for the entire country's economy and if we use the opportunity properly it could be full of achievement for us," said Amal Omari from Baghlan.

"The government must take maximum advantage of the meeting so as to prevent young people from leaving the country because of unemployment," said Sabor a Parwan resident.

But many Afghans welcomed decisions and pledges of support made at the summit and said that hopefully the National Unity Government (NUG) will follow through on decisions taken.

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