Pakistani Parliament Leader Reaffirms Honest Approach to Peace Talks

Friday, 03 April 2015 19:46 Written by Nasir Azizi

In exclusive interview with TOLOnews, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpaw, the head of the Pakistani parliamentary committee dedicated to Afghanistan-Pakistan relations, assured that his country would utilize all available resources to persuade the Taliban to enter into peace negotiations with the Afghan government.

According to Sherpaw, Islamabad has realized that stability in Afghanistan is in the best interests of Pakistan and the region, which, if true, would mark a major departure from previous policy stances in the neighboring country.

Meanwhile, Afghan Senate leader Fazel Hadi Muslimyar has continuously maintained that the Pakistani government is disingenuous in its verbal commitments to peace. Pointing to a long history of hopeful words not backed by action, Muslimyar, along with many others, has continued to cast doubt on the optimism that initially emerged when national unity government showed signs of progress in the peace process.

However, Sherpaw, who also serves as the head of a key Pakistani political party (Qomi Watan Party), told TOLOnews that Afghan leaders should present evidence of duplicity on the part of Pakistani before they continue with their allegations.

"Pakistan is very serious and there is no doubt in that, we want peace in the region and for that the reconciliation process has to start, these talks have to start, and that is what Pakistan is trying to do," Sherpaw said. "You cant give deadlines in this, that they are going to start in this or that date," he added.

Some Afghan political commentators have expressed hope regarding the renewed peace process. They have indicated the discourse and actions surrounding the new initiative are markedly different from those that took place under Hamid Karzai. That said, all agree that the success or failure of talks largely hinges on Pakistan's intensions.

"As I compare to the past, yes, but the important point is that Pakistan's actions should reflect their words," political analyst Mohammad Dawood Rawosh said.

Source : tolonews[dot]com
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