Oh What a Night! Thanking All Who Made Our NYC Musical Benefit a Roaring Success


We are still floating on air thinking about the magic of the Passerine Project Musical Benefit on November 6, 2015 at the Lynn Redgrave Theater in NYC.  The words of the women, the songs of the student songwriters, the voices of our special readers, the talents of teaching artists – they all came together to transport us, to give us a night of creativity and witness that we will never forget.

Together, we raised over $10,000 to grow our programs for Afghan women writers in Afghanistan. Our generous donor matched those funds, and now the total raised is over $20,000!

We at the Afghan Women’s Writing Project would like to thank the scores of people it took to make this night a reality. 

Thank you to all of the Afghan women writers of AWWP. Their writings served as inspiration.  We specifically thank: Hila G, Sharifa, Zahra H., Yagana, Shogofa, Nahid W., Leeda, Sweeta, Zahra H., Nilofar, Raha, Roya, and Emaan.

Thank you to the Administration, Teachers, and Parents of Brooklyn Collaborative and The Brooklyn New School. Without your faith and care, none of this would have been possible. We specially thank Stephen Simons and  Candice Simon.

Thank you to our Special Readers. You used your powerful voices to uplift the words of the Afghan writers. Thank you Jeff Fahey, Mahnaz, Michelle Hurd, Basira, Stephen Rider, Tennessee Thomas, Christina Scherer, Kiele Sanchez, Candice Simon, Eleanor Dubinsky, Hannah Marks, and Cleo Wade.

A Hearty Thank You to the Young Star Songwriters and Performers!  You really shined on stage and made us all tremendously proud.  Thank you to the BNS Fifth Grade and BCS Sixth Grade performers. Thank you to Juvonte McClean, Kimani McKenzie, Masai Matale, Gabriella Digiorgio, Charlie Towns, Drew Simon-Terry, Isaac Fliegerlman, Supreme, Anthony, Rasheed, Jasmin Ramirez, Jay-lah Cury, Vera Wilde, Takayren Wells, Jahmani Frazer, Sophia Dennison Murray, Cierra Stith, Claire Haviland, Jonah Kipnis, Johnny Ali, Hillary Rivera, Joscelyn Ramos, Zoe Davis, Josiah Henry, Elijah Henry, Luis Braxton, Maria Delacruz, Javan Halguin, Cierra Stith, and Fatima Diamonde.

We are especially grateful to our raffle donors!  Your generosity is truly appreciated. Thank you to Scott Ellis, Alex Steele, Fiyola Hoosen-Steele, Sirin Thada, Hangama Amiri, Mahnaz, Gracie Ali, Claudia Rankine,  Roxane Gay, Paul Begala, Melissa Pritchard, and Masha Hamilton.

A heartfelt thank you to the Passerine Project, as well as the AWWP Board, Staff, and Volunteers who made this night possible. A mighty thank you to Shevy Smith, Kendall Custer, Masha Hamilton, Holly Hutchinson, Barbara Burtin, Fiyola Hoosen-Steele, Sami Mahdi, Katherine Brown, Sean-Jean Cunningham, Alaha Ahrar, Meg Cameron, Seeta Habibi, Lori Noack, Stacy Parker Le Melle, Susan Postlewaite, Kathy McCarthy, Mahnaz, Stefan Cooke, Nancy Antle, Pam Hart, Hannah Hopkins, Liz Titus, and Suzanne Russell.

And last but not least, a huge thank you to our sponsor: The BMI Foundation!

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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