My Laptop, a Gift from My Parents


We all have things that are important and special to us, things that make us successful and happy. We have books and money and computers and Internet, but one of the things most special to me is my laptop.

It was a gift from my parents. They bought it for me five years ago when I was admitted to the university and I use it for all of my presentations and assignments and for browsing websites online. This gift represents the love my parents have for me and their wish for my success. It shows me that my success and education is important to them and it also shows how they encouraged and motivated me to try my best in the future.

Before my laptop, I had a desktop computer. But I love my laptop more than my desktop because I can carry it to work, to the university, or when I travel away from home. I believe computers are essential to our lives. I use the Internet and I download books and materials in English.  I use it for reading the news, listening to music, and playing games and communicating with friends.

I spend most of my time with my laptop. I spend more time with it than I spend with my friends.  In the past it used to take several days to send a letter, but now we can easily communicate by email.  I use it to chat with relatives who live elsewhere, and we talk and can see each other by using the video camera. My laptop enriches me intellectually and socially. I connect with people around the world and social networking sites. I see the updates from social media; I write essays, read online stories, and search careers.

Now I use it to write for AWWP, which helps me to improve my writing and English. I appreciate how AWWP mentors and edits my writing and the feedback helps me improve my skills. I enjoy the way other Afghan women share their thoughts, experiences, and problems. I enjoy reading their poems and stories on the blog. I write and create all my writing with my laptop.

Technology has changed our civilization, in business, banking, calculating, and in countless other ways. But for me the most important technology is my laptop, a gift from my parents.

By Shokria

Photo by Impassion Afghanistan

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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