My Angel Is a Writer


Since she was a child, my daughter has loved writing.  I will never forget when she was in the fourth grade and her teacher asked the students to write stories about their mothers and some of them would read their stories on the stage on Mother’s Day. I was invited to school that day. When my small angel read her story, tears of happiness filled my eyes and I appreciated Almighty Allah for giving me such a precious gift in my life.

As a mother I always support my daughter. Despite the poor security situation in my country and Kabul, I will not keep my daughter at home. I don’t want her just to be someone who stays alive, I want her to live—to see the challenges of our society and to learn how to be strong and fight and deal with the problems.

So when I heard about AWWP, I surprised my daughter by telling her she could join.  Today I cannot express how happy I am to see my daughter among the other girls writing and competing in such a positive way with each other.

I appreciate AWWP for paving the ground for girls and women to come here and to learn. Today I am very happy to see this office and everyone here. My message for all the girls here today is to know your rights and never let any one take them away from you.

By Palwasha

Palwasha is the mother of AWWP writer Balquis. Photo by Aaron Smith.

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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