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Monday, 12 October 2015 18:42 Last Updated on Monday, 12 October 2015 19:25 Written by Abdul Wali Arian

Security officials on Monday said Afghan security forces have intensified their operations to clear Kunduz of insurgents and in addition to ground operations, airstrikes and house-to-house searches are being carried out.

TOLOnews reporter Wali Arian, who has been embedded with security forces both in the air and on land, says troops are leaving no stone unturned in their bid to eliminate the Taliban.

Arian said that house-to-house searches launched in Sedarak, Ali Khel and Zad Khel villages in Kunduz city have been successful.

He said the security forces have targeted the Taliban militants hiding out in civilian homes and airstrikes have been conducted on their hideouts.

"Heavy blows have been imposed on them [the Taliban]. Their vehicles have been burned. Intelligence reports reveal that the enemy has sustained a heavy casualty toll," said an air force officer adding that it was clear in one air raid that the Taliban fled across a nearby river.

According to Arian, the security forces are now close to the Chahardara district – one of the main hubs of the Taliban on Sunday night.

"The militants fought street to street in this area but they were pushed back and the security forces took control of the area," said Amir Khan, a member of a commando unit.

Meanwhile, deputy army chief of staff Gen. Murad Ali Murad said they had planned other operations in the province as well.

"Our air operations have started in Chahardara, Kanama and other areas which are under our plan. We are busy strengthening the security belt in the city. We are happy with the performance of our forces," he added.

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