John Kerry Warns Of Tragedy if Afghanistan is Forgotten About

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Addressing a sideline trilateral session between the U.S, Afghanistan and China at the UN's General Assembly in New York late Saturday Secretary of State John Kerry warned the international community that it would be a tragedy if they forgot about Afghanistan.

He called on the international community and on China to help the country end the war.

"It would be a tragedy to just turn around and walk away and abandon this effort," he said.

Kerry said there isn't a "bigger challenge in the world today that can't be addressed more effectively without China's help".

"So we welcome China's help particularly as a near neighbor and as a country that understands very very clearly the cross currents that are at stake in Afghanistan today."

"I urge all of you to keep Afghanistan among the highest development and security assistance priorities. We have won an amazing battle these last years to get to where we are," he said.

Meanwhile, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that he understands that the Taliban and Kabul are eager to restart the peace process.

"As we understand it, the Afghan government and the Taliban share a desire to resume political discussions and it is China's hope that the other parties will come together to support and encourage this process and encourage the government and the Taliban to meet each other half way and to createnecessary conditions for the next round of discussions," he said.

"The International community needs to support Afghanistan in developing good relations with its neighbors and in that process it is very important that we support the efforts of Afghanistan and Pakistan to improve and develop their good neighborly relations so that it will contribute to a peaceful and stable regional environment."

Afghanistan's CEO Abdullah Abdullah meanwhile stressed the need for purposeful and broad-based peace talks.

He said both the government and the people will use all resources at their disposal to defend their national sovereignty.

Abdullah said his message was clear and that "Afghanistan is committed to leading a genuine and inclusive peace process and that through closely monitoring developments on the ground the government will expect to see the dismantlement of terrorist outfits wherever they may exist and seize upon trust building and peace building."

"The lesson from Afghanistan is that we cannot allow radicals and terrorists to violently impose false brands that deny human rights, a legitimate order and popular aspirations – in the same manner no state should tolerate or facilitate the use of terror in their foreign or military objectives," he said.

He warned those harboring terrorists were playing with fire.

The focus of the meeting was on continued financial and military support to Afghanistan and on the war against terrorism.

Abdullah and his delegation also met with Federica Mogherin EU Foreign Policy Chief and with Nicholas Haysom, UN Special Envoy to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the young Afghan youth representative Ahmad Samir is expected to address the National Assembly on matters facing Afghan children later Sunday.

Abdullah will address the General Assembly on Thursday.

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