Interior Minister Suggests Insiders Behind Northern Violence

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Friday, 01 May 2015 19:44 Written by Mirabed Joyenda

The recent wave of militant violence in northern regions of Afghanistan prompted Interior Minister Noor-ul-Haq Olomi on Friday to assert that individuals within the government are complicit in the insurgents' gains.

Mr. Olomi refrained from naming any particular officials, but he stressed that while foreign circles and militants have been able to make advances in some parts of the country, in the north, insider double-dealing was to blame.

"The southern parts of the country became insecure because of the armed opposition, but northern regions were made insecure by friends inside the system pursuing personal motives," Olomi said on Wednesday while visiting northern Kunduz province.

"Some people within the system deliberately or reluctantly pave the way for insecurity because of this or that mine or because of this or that post, which could dismantle the system," the Interior Minister added. "You can see the prevailing situations in Faryab, nothing is there except those serving in the system, this paves the way for the enemies to undertake a number of movements."

Meanwhile, representatives from northern provinces in which militant violence has increased have indicated that Taliban and Daesh affiliates are responsible. "According to our information, those who are playing a key role in insecurity are affiliates of the Taliban and Daesh," Kunduz MP Shaista Baz Naseri said on Wednesday.

Some denounced the Interior Minister's allegations. "I strongly oppose the statement of the Minister of Interior," Kunduz Senator Abdullah Qarloq said. "The majority of those operating in northern provinces, particularly Kunduz, are associates of Daesh and Taliban," he added.

Other lawmakers have urged top security officials like Olomi to empower Mujahideen groups to assist in reestablishing security to the traditionally stable northern provinces. "I believe that we must assess the roots of security threats in Kunduz, and a chance should be given to the Mujahideen and some Jihadi leaders to suppress the groups that operate, whether in Kunduz or other provinces," said MP Mirdad Khan Nejrabi, the head of Parliament's Internal Security Commission.

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