Hundreds Of Troops Ready To Re-Take Kunduz: Officials

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 08:05 Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 September 2015 09:32 Written by Sonil Haidari

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Hundreds of Afghan troops have been deployed to northern Kunduz province to re-take control of Kunduz city which fell to the Taliban on Monday.

Officials said that troops are at Kunduz airport and in other parts surrounding Kunduz city and "will soon drive the Taliban insurgents out."

On Monday, on the eve of the National Unity Government's one year anniversary in power, the Taliban launched a massive and well executed attack against the strategic city of Kunduz and by late afternoon had taken control of the city.

The attack was launched at 3 a.m local time Monday from within Kunduz city. In addition, insurgents closed off the only four access points into the city – effectively preventing troops from entering and civilians from fleeing.

Officials said that the militants had also closed the airport road. Some reports state that hundreds of Taliban members split up into groups and carried out the coordinated attack.

Officials also reported that the Taliban has overrun the local prison and freed all prisoners.

However by late afternoon reinforcements arrived from Kabul and were stationed in the Dasht-e-Kandahari area were they were waiting for orders.

High-ranking security officials addressed a late night press conference in Kabul on Monday and assured the public that everything was being done to safeguard the people of Kunduz city and to retake it from the Taliban.

Kunduz fell to the Taliban following 14 hours of fierce fighting with local security forces.

Addressing the public on Monday night, General Murad Ali Murad, commander of the Afghan ground forces said that sufficient reinforcement troops have been deployed to Kunduz.

Deputy Minister of Interior for Security General Ayoub Salangi was also present and said government was doing everything possible to normalize the situation.

He assured the public that troops had by last night surrounded the city and that all necessary measures are being taken to safeguard civilians.

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