Dear friends,

As I’ve been struggling with my own anxiety, fears of getting sick because I have asthma and wondering when my son will be able to fly home from college, one thing I’ve had control over is the food I’ve been feeding my family. At this time the best we can do is to keep up our immune system by eating good food, sleeping, meditating and of course lots of handwashing.

Considering I don’t have much else to offer to ease the scare I thought I would share a little bit of my food wisdom with you. Here is a shopping list for what to stock up on just in case you are quarantined at home.

Buy food you can cook, rather than perishables. Buy nutritious and hearty foods. You can look for recipes here on my blog, or enter the list of ingredients in a Google search and they’ll give you recipes that match what you have.

✴️Olive oil

✴️Flour & yeast for making bread (easy recipes are on YouTube

✴️Some jars of nut butter

✴️Apples, to make applesauce

✴️Kidney, black or chickpeas (canned or dry so you can boil it when you need it) & dry lentils

✴️Frozen peas & spinach

✴️Onions & garlic gives everything flavor

✴️Rice, Quinoa and or Farro

✴️Protein-enriched pasta

✴️Jars of pasta sauce

✴️Parmesan cheese

✴️Soy or oat milk in non-perishable packaging

✴️Ground Turkey, or beef, freeze


✴️Red & Green cabbage, they last forever

✴️Your favorite nuts & dried fruit (apricots, raisins, sunflowers seeds, walnuts)

✴️Dark chocolate for a special treat

Stay well and healthy. I really appreciate all of you for reading my blog and being part of my community.

Here are some hearty and nutritious recipes on my blog:

Aush, Afghan noodle soupe with beans and a meat sauce

Sabzi, Braised spinach is full of flavor and vitamins

Squash, braised squash with creamy yogurt sauce

Shorwa, Afghan beans and lentil soup

Banjan Borani, braised eggplant with garlicky yogurt sauce

Lakhchak, Afghan lasagna

Sheer birinj, Afghan rice pudding with oat milk and rosewater



Source : afghancultureunveiled[dot]com