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Thursday, 15 October 2015 22:42 Last Updated on Friday, 16 October 2015 08:28 Written by Kathy Whitehead


The Afghan government on Thursday night strongly welcomed U.S President Barack Obama's decision to delay the draw down of American troops in Afghanistan.

The Presidential Palace announced in a statement that "the government of Afghanistan, on behalf of the people, welcomes the US decision for its continued partnership and cooperation with the people of Afghanistan particularly over cooperation in the security sector that the two countries agreed to within the framework of th Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA)".

The decision to maintain the current level of troops in Afghanistan reiterates the continued partnership and relations between the US and Afghanistan and this shows that threats still exist against the common interests of the two countries, the press release read.

The common interests in fact explain stability and development of Afghanistan and war against regional and international terrorism, the press releases added, saying that the decision came as a result of months of deliberations between the two presidents and as a result of joint cooperation and accurate assessment of the situation.

The Afghan leadership is firmly committed in its stance to further boost bilateral relations and cooperation against terrorism.

The president and chief executive of Afghanistan in ongoing consultations with their partners across various sectors including soldiers, officers and army commanders have evaluated the needs of the armed forces of the country particularly with regards to their struggles against terrorism, the statement says.

The Afghan forces continue to be responsible for security in the country and in defending territorial integrity and national sovereignty against threats inflicted by the enemy and the new US decision can help to further strengthen the Afghan security forces and boost their war capabilities, read the statement.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan wants to reaffirm its commitments to the Afghans and to its international partners that it will continue with the process of rule of law, reforms, protection of human rights, protection of women rights and economic development, the statement added.

In conclusion it read, the Taliban and other terrorist groups should remember that their efforts against security forces will not change into reality and they will face historic defeats.

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