Govt. Urged To Recognize, Act Against 'Double Agents'

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 19:01 Written by Karim Amini

A number of MPs and analysts on Tuesday called on government to recognize so-called double agents working in government and take legal action against them – instead of only ever speaking out against them.

They accused the government of not paying any attention to this problem, saying these so-called spies – who are found on all levels of government - are working against the national interests of the country.

Some say they believe there is a 'fifth pillar' inside the government – on all levels – and are powerful enough for people not to name them.

"We know that the [network] is powerful and has infiltrated into all pillars," Nahid Farid, an MP from Herat told TOLOnews.

"The people of Afghanistan should raise their voices, if they have the right to make a decision. They should not allow the 'fifth pillar' to launch a bloodbath here and decide in favor of the enemy," she added.

Jawed Kohistani, an analyst in military affairs, told TOLOnews that by the 'fifth pillar' they mean there are Iran and Pakistan agents as well as others.

"The target of those who speak out about the 'fifth pillar' will be Pakistan and Iran, but we have British, Russian and Americans pillars that are more active in this regard compared to other countries," Kohistani added.

"A big part of the government should be eliminated if the 'fifth pillar' issue is taken into account, seriously," he said.

Recently, the Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah and the First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum spoke out about the presence of a number of agents in government ranks and cooperation of some insiders with insurgents.

Abdullah in one of sessions of the Council of Ministers this month said the presence of enemy spies within Afghan government ranks is part of the new government's inheritance and has led to the current situation. "To purge the government of such elements ought to be a priority for the National Unity Government," he said.

"There are traitors in this nation who are living in the situation which has been created for them by the Afghan security forces. People of Afghanistan are living here and are defending crimes in this country," he said adding that we have to act against them.

However, the government has not introduced such 'agents' so far.

Recently, former Jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf spoke out about so-called agents of neighboring countries inside the Afghan government.

Sayyaf referred to the Taliban's late leader Mullah Omar and his death two years ago and said: "I told you once that money comes in from abroad and is distributed here as salaries. No one should ask me where it comes from, nor what it is for. I also said that insurgents are transferred from Mohammad Agha area of Logar, from Pul-i-Surkh of Maidan Wardak and from Khak Jabar district by tinted-glass vehicles."

However, the question still remains that why the so-called agents are not recognized?

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