Ghani Visits Logar, Meets Officials Over Security Situation

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President Ashraf Ghani on Friday visited Logar province, about 50 kilometers south of Kabul, to review the security situation of the province, said a statement from his office.

Accompanied by the Interior Minister Noorulhaq Olomi, Ghani held a meeting with security officials where he was briefed on the situation, and also new measurements were discussed to improve the security of eastern Logar, the statement added.

During the meeting, the Police Chief of Logar demanded the president to increase the number of security force members in the insurgency-hit province.

The Army officials also asked for additional military equipment and reinforcement troops, the statement reads.

‎Meanwhile, Ghani praised the sacrifices of the forces and emphasized that the forces should be commended on their courage and sacrifices.

In addition, he stressed the need for a strong coordination between the police departments of Kabul and Logar.

Also, Ghani directed the relevant ministries to build proper office buildings for all district governors.

During his visit, Ghani also met with a number of civil servants, representatives of different ethnic groups, women, tribal elders and provincial council members.

The participants shared their concerns with the president on different issues, including insecurity, land grabbing, illegal extraction of mines and lack of employment, especially for women.

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