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Sunday, 04 October 2015 09:02 Last Updated on Sunday, 04 October 2015 11:00 Written by Sonil Haidari

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President Ashraf Ghani reviewed the security situation of northern Kunduz province as well as other provinces via a video teleconference on Saturday, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.

"Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, spoke this morning via video teleconference from the Tawheed National Center in ARG with the civil and military leadership of nine northern provinces of the country."

The statement said that General Murad Ali Murad, Deputy National Army Chief of Staff, briefed the President on the security situation of Kunduz province at the beginning of the video teleconference.

Then, commanders from nine northern provinces of the country presented their briefings on the security situation of areas under their responsibility.

Security authorities of the country also expressed their views about improvement of security situation of Kunduz province.

"At the end of the teleconference, President Ghani issued the necessary directives to the civil-military leadership of the northern provinces of the country for improvement of the security situation of Kunduz province and other northern provinces."

Early Sunday, TOLOnews's journalist Karim Amini who is reporting from Kunduz city said that the security forces have taken most of parts of Kunduz in a special operation.

Amini says that reinforcement troops have arrived in the city to support the local troops.

Kunduz police officials have also said that the insurgents had massive casualties in the special operation and they will continue house to house searches to clear the insurgents.

The officials say that one fierce battle was between special forces and the Taliban in a bid to retake control of the offices of the Afghan spy agency – the National Directorate of Security (NDS). The security forces managed to wrest control of the building from insurgents during the course of the day.

However, more reinforcements are on the way to Kunduz but they stuck in some parts of northern Baghlan province as they once again break through Taliban defense lines.

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