Ghani Promises Support to Orphaned Students

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Friday, 25 September 2015 19:41 Written by Anisa Shaheed


President Ashraf Ghani, as part of his Eid activities, on Friday met with a number of school students from different orphanages and also with University pupils to listen to their demands and address the issues they are facing at education institutes.

Ghani called the youth's role important in boosting nation's social and economic sectors.

During his meeting, Ghani called the youth "the intellectual assets" of the country. In addition, he requested the families, who are financially strong, to contribute to the country's orphanages and dormitories.

"I call upon the people of Afghanistan particularly those families who are financially strong to come forward and visit the dormitories at least once a month. The government is doing its own job, but people's contribution is key to supporting the weakest but [intellectually] the strongest group," Ghani said.

In addition, the students – who got a chance to visit the Presidential Palace – put their demands before the president.

"At least five percent of the scholarships must be allocated to the orphaned students," orphanage school student Ruqaya said. "The boys and girls who are graduated from orphanage schools are not given admission to the country's universities. We want president's special attention to this matter."

Referring to the issues facing the orphaned students, Ghani instructed the Ministry of Labors and Social Affairs to undertake necessary initiatives to improve the situations in the orphanages.

Furthermore, Ghani also listened to the problems facing the university students. He however admitted that Afghanistan still has a long way to reach a world class education system.

"I really apologize that this year, I could not pay attention to the higher education sector and the reason is that war is imposed on this country," Ghani stated.

However he promised to bring fundamental reforms to the country's education system.

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