Ghani Meets With Investigators of Kabul Bank Case

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015 20:02 Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 20:41 Written by

President Ashraf Ghani has met with the investigators of Kabul Bank case, as part of his commitments during his inauguration to finalize the country's largest corruption scandal, his office said in a statement.

During the meeting held in the Presidential Palace on Tuesday evening, the statement added that the investigators reported about their performance on implementation of court's verdict to recover the stolen money.

They emphasized that since the court decision until now, six big debtors had pledged them to pay off their liabilities which, in total, reaches to $72 million USD, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, Ghani asked the auditors to recuperate the money from the debtors through a specific procedure approved by the cabinet.

Ghani stressed that the law enforcement authorities were also obliged to pursue the case as serious as the courts did.

He emphasized that all the court verdicts regarding the Kabul Bank case must be implemented seriously.

Kabul Bank, once the country's largest financial institution, was badly shaken and collapsed in 2010 as one of the largest banking schemes in history.

The bank's former chairman Sherkhan Farnood and former CEO Khalilullah Ferozi were sentenced each to 15 years in jail last year in November.

Based on the court verdict, the properties of Mahmood Karzai, brother of former President Hamid Karzai, and Hasin Fahim, brother of late Marshal Qasim Fahim, were also frozen.

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