Ghani Assures The Country He Is Working To Resolve Problems

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President Ashraf Ghani during his visit to Badakhshan on Saturday, the scene of a recent attack by over 500 insurgents who overran numerous military posts in the area, told unhappy residents that his government was working towards resolving issues.

However, voices of concern are rising – among them that of Aziz Rafiee, the managing director of the Civil Society Forum. He slams the National Unity Government (NUG) for not having resolved a single issue in the seven months it's been in power.

Rafiee says the situation is at its worst and that the threat of insecurity is heightened due to lack of action by the NUG.

"There have been no programs (achieved) that were discussed at the beginning, and none of the needs of the people have been met in the past seven months. In fact, we have not moved forward and have instead move backwards," he said, adding that there is no management in government.

However, Ghani has said that government must work at a pace that is sustainable and not one that could result in its collapse. He however believes the government has notched up achievements.

Afghans have started blaming the NUG for the increasing threats of insecurity, the worsening condition of the economy and the ongoing disagreements between Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah. But while speaking to Badakshan residents, Ghani rejected these claims.

"Does anyone of you want us to move at a speed to fall? We need to keep a balance between change and continuity. Afghanistan's place has been fixed in the world again, and that is the result of our day and night efforts," says Ghani.

But Ghani claims he inherited a broken government and that anti-government armed groups are bent on taking control of strategic parts of Afghanistan.

"I inherited $135 million USD budget deficit, the world was running away, anti-government armed groups were planning to take over five or six provinces and contractors were ruling," said Ghani.

However, he accepts that there are problems in the judicial system but emphasizes that the security and economic situations will improve.

Many have however called the vote of confidence of 16 cabinet nominees as sign of moving towards good governance.

But the country demands that government must have effective programs in place to move forward in the way of good governance, security and the economy.

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