Farkhunda Case to be Sent to Court Saturday

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Monday, 06 April 2015 20:52 Written by Jawed Ziaratjayee

A spokesman for the Attorney General's office has said that a group of senior attorneys are reviewing Farkhunda's case and nothing will stop them from enforcing the law where the murderers are concerned.

Meanwhile, Kabul police said that another two key individuals believed to have been involved in the brutal murder were recently arrested. Efforts are still underway in the search for a further 11 suspects.

To date, Kabul police have arrested 47 people, including 19 police officers, in connection with Farkhunda's murder. The files of the accused individuals have been sent to the Attorney General's office.

Spokesman for the Attorney General's office has said that this is the first incident of this sort to ever be dealt with by their office. The spokesman said that the acting Attorney General has assigned 12 experienced attorneys to review Farkhunda's case. They are expected to bring the case before court on Saturday.

"Investigations have been carried out and more arrests have been made. Those involved in the case of Miss Farkhunda will be investigated by this office," says Baseer Azizi, spokesperson for the Attorney General's office.

"I can say that the case will soon be complete and will be handed over to the court," says Azizi.

Meanwhile, Kabul police said that after handing over the case, two other key suspects were arrested following the cooperation of the local community. However, 11 suspects are still at large, including the driver of a motor car who drove over Farkhunda.

"Based on the cooperation of people with police, and the investigative work of police, so far our arrests are ongoing. Since we submitted Farkhunda's case to the Attorney General's office, two other main suspects in the case have been arrested and handed over the Attorney General's office" says Fareed Afzali, Director of Criminal Offense Investigation for Kabul Police.

Meanwhile, the Kabul Police Chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi has said that based on the decision of the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, spell writers will be prevented from practicing in Kabul.

"Following meetings that Kabul police had with the Islamic Scholars and the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, Kabul police can from now on strictly prohibit such practices and spell writers," says Rahimi.

Earlier, the Independent Human Rights Commission and members of the House of Representatives had spoken of attempts by certain parties to release some of the accused. Civil Society members have meanwhile called for the public execution of those found guilty.

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