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Sunday, 31 August 2014 12:04 Written by Afghaneesta

I have to share something important and I must share it now.

After my first blog, I was 99 percent sure that I would never be able to provide advise because of zero response. But then, as if directly from a mythological Greek deity who warns mortals to not be so sure of anything, that one percent shined upon me. How? Females started to contact me through work or catch me at a local setting. And so, through a little encouragement for the last two weeks I have been consistently rotating outfits I've come across.

Though I'd like to think that I am fluent in wearing afghan/professional/stylish outfits and have heretofore cracked most codes in ethic/western design, I should always be open to opinions and designs.

Just last week, I walked into the Kabul Intercontinental Hotel for International Youth Day – theme 'Mental Health Matters' hosted by World Health Organization and Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs, wearing a long Barbie doll attire with Afghan embroiders and a thin, but large scarf covering my upper body making my presence known through the vibrant mustard color.

During the full day event, I came to ponder how you are perceived by your appearance affects the 'mental health' – it does matter. Men and women are both affected by judgment.

During the event, there were all ethnicities of the youth present with all sorts of style. Some styles elegant, subtle, simple and others too tight, see through, too many colors, he or she is liable to experience a hugely dangerous site that may or may not impair ones vision but let's cut the chase: Silver suit, blue shirt, red tie, brown sock and black shoes--- What?...the orange top, tight green jeans, multi-color scarf and red heels...flashy or trashy?

In the event you're unfamiliar with the terms of either word (flashy or trashy) I invite you to a style vocabulary lesson.

Here is a simple sample guide:

Trashy: not good. Flashy: ranging from decent to awesome. During my time at the event, there was a fashion show, first to my experience within Afghanistan, had the whole hall excited. So, tell me world, what is it that you really wish to know about? Casual, professional, evening or traditional attire within Afghanistan.

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