Downed Fiber Optic Cable in Nangarhar Creating Problems in Kabul

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Friday, 01 May 2015 17:55 Written by Zabuiullah Jahanmal

Kabul residents have voiced growing complaint over lacking Internet access and related inconveniences since a fiber optic cable was cut in eastern Nangarhar province three days ago.

The government office of technicians used to fix downed lines such as the one in Bati Kot district of Nangarhar has cited security concerns as the reason for the delay in repair.

Kabul resident Shafiq told TOLOnews that decreased connectivity in the capital has impacted important parts of life. "Students mostly rely on seeking information from the internet, but now the situation is quite difficult since the fiber optic cable failure, which terminated Internet service for us," he said on Friday.

Beyond Kabul, the damaged 300 meter cable, which was reportedly downed by a roadside bomb explosion, has also left other provinces with limited online access. "The Internet blackout has created major problems for us, because fiber optics is the cheapest source of getting access to the Internet, but now we are facing serious issues," a resident of Kunduz province named Mohammad Afzal said.

Meanwhile, officials from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of Afghanistan (ATRA) have maintained that only Kabul has been affected by the outage, adding that insecurity in Bati Kot district is what has presented them from attending to the cable damages. "With the downing of the Internet cable in Nangarhar province, only the capital Kabul faces Internet issues," ATRA member Khair Mohammad Faizi said. "Therefore, we are trying to renovate the cables as soon as possible, once the necessary arrangements are made for our security."

However, local officials in Nangarhar have assured that security is not an issue, and that the technicians would be kept safe. "Security threats aren't so bad as to prevent the repair of the cable; we are prepared to ensure the safety of the technicians whenever they are ready to repair it," the Nangarhar governor's spokesman Ahmadzia Abdulzai said.

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