Concerns Raised As Sar-e-Pul Districts on Verge of Collapse

Monday, 30 March 2015 19:22 Written by Arif Musavi

The residents and local officials of northern Sar-e-Pul province have voiced fears over possibility of collapse and takeover of several districts by the Taliban.

The secretary of provincial council, Masooma Ramazani, has said that the government has lost control over major parts of Kohistanat and Sozma Qala districts.

"Except the center and three to four villages, all the areas of Kohistanat are being controlled by the insurgents," Ramazani said. "Simultaneously, the Sozma Qala district is also severely affected."
According to Ramazani, more than a hundred families have fled their villages to the provincial center due to severe Taliban threats.

Grappling with tough living conditions, the displaced families demand the government to ensure their safety and pave grounds for their return.

The displaced families, according to TOLOnews reporter, are hardly making a livelihood, and their children are also unable to attend school.

"Neither the government nor the NGOs have helped us," a displaced man Mohsin complained. "I have two children who work the whole day and bring us five breads at night, and this is our life."

His wife also pleaded for assistance, and complained that they had lost everything they had in their home.

"One day we have something to eat and the other day we have nothing," another displaced woman said. "I am sick but I don't have money for my treatment."

Another man whose name is Makhdom and has been displaced along with his family for almost four months claimed that the local officials of Kohistanat had been trapped in the district.

"The Taliban are ruling over Kohistanat and it has been almost four months that the police in that district have not received their salaries. They are rather trapped there and can't move anywhere," Makhdom said.

Meanwhile, the acting governor, Abdul Jabbar Haqbin, acknowledged the insecurity in the mentioned districts, saying old enmities, unemployment and dispute between political parties were the reason for insecurity.

"Personal old enmities left from Jihad era have caused that some people take side of the government while the others join anti-government oppositions," Haqbin said.

Source : tolonews[dot]com
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