Civilians Pay the Price for Clashes in Faryab's Almar District

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Saturday, 08 August 2015 19:36 Last Updated on Saturday, 08 August 2015 20:37 Written by Karim Amini


Clashes between Afghan forces and Taliban insurgents in Almar district of northern Faryab province have displaced hundreds of families, leaving them homeless and despairing.

TOLOnews reporter, Karim Amini, visited the area and reports that local communities have suffered the brunt of the damage brought on by the fighting. Hundred of households have lost all of their belongings and property.

According to Amini, the Dara-e-Qaraee area in Alamar district, which has been embattled in conflict between Afghan security forces and rebels for the past month, is like a ghost town, with no inhabitants in sight.

Although there are a few families who have dared to stay in their houses, they might not last much longer. They're situation is prison-like, and they cannot farm their lands, which is an essential source of income.

"There will be no fighting if there are no Taliban militants. People escaped and were displaced when the fighting started," Dara-e-Qaraee resident Mohammad Qurban said. "Women have gone to one side and men to the other side. Every night, we are afraid and concerned that maybe our house will be hit by a mortar or rocket; no one can work on their lands."

Some local families have left their houses and are living near the mountains in Maimana city – the capital of Faryab. But these families have no access to critical services.

A member of a displaced family and resident of Almar district, Sher Mohammad, told TOLOnews that he had witnessed fighting every day. "We have been fed up with war. We can't tolerate anymore. We left everything and came here to save our lives," he said.

Sher Mohammad's son, Farhad, said his uncle and cousins were killed in the violence. "Please stop the war. We are tired of it," he said.

On August 3, First Vice-President General Abdul Rashid Dostum visited Maimana city, and called on residents to support the security forces, who he said would soon clear the province of anti-government militants. He later visited the insecure Qaisar district under heavy protection from land and air.

Faryab province has witnessed several heavy battles over the past few weeks and insurgent activity has reached a peak in the area.

Source : tolonews[dot]com
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