AWWP’s Hajar and Eleanor Dubinsky Shine with Their New Song “The Station”


On Friday night AWWP poet Hajar and singer-songwriter Eleanor Dubinsky debuted their new song “The Station” at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. We’re still walking on air. The house was packed. The music was gorgeous. And the songwriting collaboration blew us away. Thank you to all of you who joined us for this very special evening.  We will share a video of the song when it’s ready.

“The Station” is the result of a two-month songwriting collaboration between Eleanor Dubinsky and Hajar. Eleanor was a special reader at the Passerine Musical Benefit last November. She was so inspired by Shevy Smith’s AWWP-based songwriting work with Brooklyn students that she approached AWWP about a one-on-one project. The results have us moved and thrilled. We are delighted that so many AWWP writings are finding second lives as songs!

In the meantime, we will share with you the lyrics of “The Station.” Please read. We hope you’ll be able to listen soon, too.

The Station

The bus station was empty at 7 in the morning
Like my heart is empty now in this region.
There was a tree; a bird sitting in its shadow.
I was playing with my ring.

Turning it left
Turning it right
Around my engagement finger.
All in a blink, I can’t think
Waiting at the station

He hit me with his belt at home
He left for his mother’s, I was alone
four years are gone with one strike of his fist
the man who I knew he wouldn’t do this
I’m hollow like I’m a migrant bird

Turning it left
turning it right
Around my engagement finger.
All in decay, we’re a cliché
Waiting at the station

In a village in the south
No ice for bruises
So a woman hopes time heals her injuries
I read books, go to work, advocate for women’s rights
this happens to them it just can’t happen to me

My memory drinks the words we yelled in our war
Apparently the transition didn’t open the door
I did everything right
And still I’m here, and I’ve lost this fight…

Turning it left
turning it right
the bus came, and I left the station…

© Hajar and Eleanor Dubinsky 2016

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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