AWWP Poet to Make Guest Appearance at Michigan Poetry Slam


AWWP Poet Marzia will make a guest appearance via Skype at the Clarkston High School Voices for Change poetry slam on Friday, January 22nd at 7 p.m. This is the second year Marzia has participated as a guest reader. The slam, co-produced by sisters Madeline and Olivia Maday, will feature twenty Clarkston High School students selected to perform their work. Proceeds will go to the Afghan Women’s Writing Project.

“I am very excited about Voices for Change,” says Marzia, 25. “I believe my voice is not only for me, it is for millions of women and girls who have been fighting the violence and discrimination.”

Olivia Maday, 17, speaks to the importance of the poetry slam: “In a world where so many people are shouting to have their voices heard, important words can get lost in the noise. Slam poetry has the purpose of conveying personal messages as well as universal demands for change.”

The Maday sisters chose to include the Afghan Women’s Writing Project after a suggestion from a Clarkston High School teacher. “The AWWP saying ‘to tell one’s story is a human right’ inspired us because it was exactly the message which we wanted to convey throughout the Clarkston community as well as one that should be promoted globally,” says Olivia. “We were very moved by the courage that the women had in sharing their stories and messages with the world, and we greatly wanted to encourage a similar sense of empowerment for all students through the creative outlet of poetry.”

Voices for Change debuted last year to acclaim. “We were so surprised by how fantastic the response was,” says Maday. “My sister and I sat together after the show, reading aloud the incredible messages and tweets that people were sending to us, letting us know how inspired they were from hearing the voices of others. It definitely united our community on a whole new level.”

Admission is $1 and can be paid at the door. Follow the slam via Twitter at @_Voices4Change and hashtag #Voices4Change. Clarkston High School, 6093 Flemings Lake Rd. Clarkston, MI 48346 

Photo: Olivia (left) and Madeline Maday at 2015 Voices for Change Poetry Slam in Clarkston, MI. Photograph by Nathan Brown.

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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