Art of My Life


I am very interested in the arts and I like to figure out the meanings in paintings when I get a chance to view them. One of my best friends is a fan of Jackson Pollock. She always talks about this artist and shows me his paintings. If I had my own life painted by an artist, I think I might choose Jackson Pollock.

I would want the painted image to show a girl who is working very hard and hoping for a better future. I don’t talk about my life in public, but if I knew people were interested, I would let them see the painting of my life. The girl in the picture will be working hard and wearing dark colors because she is suffering from many different angles of her life.

The girl is hoping for a future of happiness, so that part of the painting—the future—would be colorful. This girl does not want to be famous or earn a lot of money and she does not expect a perfect life. But the hoping for future would be painted in bright colors because I am sure that one day the life I imagine today will come true. 

I know that my efforts won’t be without results. I am very hopeful.

Although I love the paintings by Jackson Pollock, I also love Afghan art and our artists’ paintings the most. But we are fortunate to have a museum in Kabul. Today, most of the new art created depicts the lives of our people, especially the lives of women. For example, there is a new painting showing the killing of Farkhunda, the young woman beaten to death by a mob outside a Kabul mosque this year. 

I have not had the opportunity to paint or take an art class myself, so I don’t know much about art. I think if I wanted to paint a picture, I would paint the beauty in nature. I would sit at a high elevation for hours and paint. I could do this from my balcony at home and paint the wonderful view of Kabul.

By Humaira

Nabila Horakhsh, “Moon’s Yell,” 2009, oil on paper, 30 x 21cm. Image courtesy Kabul Art Project.

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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