An Earthquake Reminds Us That Life Is Brief


On Monday afternoon I was busy working at my computer when I felt my desk moving. I thought I had been studying my computer screen for too long and was becoming dizzy, when I saw my water glass was shaking.

I ran out of my office into the corridor and started yelling to my co-workers, “Come out! Come out! An earthquake is occurring.”

I felt dizzy and weak. Later I called my brother and he was okay but he also was frightened by it.  The earthquake was not serious in my province but later on I found from the news that the earthquake was felt in India and Pakistan and that in Afghanistan it took the lives of people in Badakhshan, Kabul, Baghlan, Balkh, and some other provinces. The total number of victims killed or injured in Afghanistan is not yet known.

Not everyone agrees on what causes an earthquake.  If we look to the scientists, they say that usually an earthquake happens when high pressure builds up between underground rocks.

But if we look to our religion, most of our people say that the earthquake is a sign from Almighty God. Almighty God is able to destroy or change the whole world back to a garden in seconds. An earthquake reminds sinners that if they do not repent, God reminds them that one day they must go to the other world, which we call “Akherat,” and so we should pray and repent our bad actions.

I agree with both of these ideas. We live only for a short time on earth before we die and again go under the ground. In this short time we should try to be useful to others and to ourselves.

If we are honest, truthful, faithful, and useful people, then people and God both will love us, and earthquakes will not happen.

By Sharifa

Photo by Mardetanha

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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