Afghan Star Show Enriches Our Lives


Editor’s note: The popular singing competition Afghan Star broadcast on Tola TV wrapped up its tenth season in March with Ali Saqi winning first place. Second place winner was Panjshanbe Maftoon, and third place went to Elyas Isaar.

Most young people in Afghanistan love to watch the Afghan Star TV show. Although some people just tune in when the participants are from their own province or city, there is also a minority that will not watch at all because they have been told that listening to music is sinful.

I believe that music is a world separate from our religious beliefs. When we think about music we should not be thinking about it as an aspect of religion. We can watch and support a program like this because it enriches our music, culture, art, and our public personalities such as the singers who compete.

One of the competitors of Afghan Star whom I liked very much this year was Arash Barez.  He is unique. I like his voice and extraordinary personality and his speech. I think Arash could fill the gap in Afghan music. He knows the value of his work and he knows he is very good.

Another star I liked is Anahita Ulfat. She wanted to win. She is a strong girl, she was always seeking her rights, and the audience knew she was this a brave girl who dared to compete in the tenth season. I am proud of her and I hope she succeeds in all aspects of her life. She demonstrates her feminine side through her art, her voice, and her music. This positive side of her shined through on the show. I wanted her to become the first Afghan female winner.

We must look for the positive side of things to enrich our lives and Afghan Star is one of these positives. I believe people should strive to live for themselves and think about their happiness. Don’t think that everything you do must please everyone all the time.

By Balquis

Translated from our Dari blog by Pari.

Source : awwproject[dot]org
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