4 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Attack

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Thursday, 09 April 2015 11:32 Last Updated on Thursday, 09 April 2015 12:47 Written by Farid Hussainkhail

A group of Taliban insurgents on Wednesday attacked an Afghanistan National Army (ANA) outpost in Faryab province resulting in the deaths of at least four soldiers and five Taliban members, security officials said.

Mohammad Reza Reza, the 209th Shaheen Military Corps spokesman, said that in addition to this, the Taliban carried out a number of attacks – using firearms and missiles - on other outposts in Qaysar and Gorzaiwan districts of the province.

Reza said early reports indicated there might have been civilian casualties but no details were as yet available.

In a separate incident, two women and a child were wounded when a Taliban missile hit a civilian house in Pashtun Kot district of Faryab province.

The victims were taken to a nearby hospital.

The Taliban has yet to comment on the attacks.

Source : tolonews[dot]com
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